Should news websites publish photos of dead bodies?

In my opinion, the question should be “does a picture of a dead body add any content to a story?”

This is not only a question of ethics but also a question of moral and social responsibility. I think that it is completely inappropriate and unacceptable to publish images of dead bodies. Journalists should be sensitive to their subjects. They should avoid sensationalism and refrain from publishing images that might be offensive or insensitive to  readers.

Journalists should maintain their moral responsibility by respecting the dead and their families.  They should always question the newsworthiness of any image they publish;

“Is it necessary to publish an image of a dead body or can I communicate and share the grief without being so graphic and dramatic??”

Most news organizations refrain from using graphic, shocking images. If there is compelling news value such as in war stories, the common practice is to warn viewers about the graphic images they are about to see.  The same principle should apply to  newspapers??


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