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Remember vacations back in the day before social networking?

January 10, 2011

On the plane to San Francisco last week, I read this interesting article about social networking and travel in my favorite magazine – National Geographic’s Traveler. The author, Christopher Elliott, argues that tech gadgets are ruining our vacations and trivializing travel into “fleeting and forgettable entertainment.”! By the time I left the plane, i had psyched myself into keeping my cell phone  off. But that didn’ last long! With the excitement and the thrill of experiencing the city for the first time, i couldn’t resist the craving madness of  facebooking, googling, emailing, photosharing the trip via my cell. It was on 24-7!! Without a doubt, I missed some delights  both in San Francisco and LA as I  kept on documenting the trip from one gadget to the other, and from one network to  the other.  At the end of the trip I promised myself that I will switch off the phone and fully immerse myself in the next destination.  This is one of my new year resolutions.
Well, it remains to be seen but I am inspired!!
Read on, you may find an interesting tip before your next travel:
Savor the Trip, Don’t Tweet It


Rocket Radar, Toronto’s new app

January 5, 2011

Toronto’s techie, Adam Schwabe, has launched a new app for streetcar enthusiasts to determine arrival schedules. Rocket Radar (I love the name!!) launched Dec 29, is the latest app for iPhones that quickly tells users when the next few streetcars will arrive at their stop.
Read about it in today’s Toronto Star…

Congratulations to my fav blogger

January 3, 2011

My fav blogger, Amy webb,  is celebrating her 100th post! she’s become my “guru” on tech trends and multimedia tools. Congratulations Amy!
Read her 100th post here… It’s my 100th post! | IJNet.

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