Remember vacations back in the day before social networking?

On the plane to San Francisco last week, I read this interesting article about social networking and travel in my favorite magazine – National Geographic’s Traveler. The author, Christopher Elliott, argues that tech gadgets are ruining our vacations and trivializing travel into “fleeting and forgettable entertainment.”! By the time I left the plane, i had psyched myself into keeping my cell phone  off. But that didn’ last long! With the excitement and the thrill of experiencing the city for the first time, i couldn’t resist the craving madness of  facebooking, googling, emailing, photosharing the trip via my cell. It was on 24-7!! Without a doubt, I missed some delights  both in San Francisco and LA as I  kept on documenting the trip from one gadget to the other, and from one network to  the other.  At the end of the trip I promised myself that I will switch off the phone and fully immerse myself in the next destination.  This is one of my new year resolutions.
Well, it remains to be seen but I am inspired!!
Read on, you may find an interesting tip before your next travel:
Savor the Trip, Don’t Tweet It


One Response to “Remember vacations back in the day before social networking?”

  1. At least change your ringtone . . . « Says:

    […] if someone is important enough to interrupt your wedding, you should have invited them? Thanks to Terry for the link to National Geographic Traveler article from which this quotation was […]

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