My village diary 3- “She called her son for the last time”

June 1, 2011

Cellphone communication in a remote village in south eastern Kenya-3

My neighbor, Zipporah, dropped by the other day to say hello. I asked her what happened to our neighbor Mary, who passed on early this year. She looked away, far away, in deep silence, for a while…

Choking in a low voice, she shook her head and started narrating  the sad demise of our dear neighbor…

“Mary had been sick for a while. One Saturday evening she and I went to a neighbor’s home for a community development meeting. That day she was really unwell but she came along anyway. After the meeting we passed by the kiosk and she bought some medicines”

I asked her what kind of medicines she bought. she said she didn’t ask then she continued….

“I escorted Mary home, she phoned the son in Nairobi to let him know she was feeling unwell” She then went to sleep and I went home. Mary’s husband later told us that she did not sleep that night. She had intense pain all over her body. He called a neighbor who has a pickup truck to rush her to the hospital. Before she was taken to the hospital, she phoned her son one more time and asked him to come home. That was the last time they talked. She died on the way to the hospital….”

Zipporah went silent again, I didn’t ask anything else, I bid her good night…..


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