My village diary -5: I traced my father’s wooden box via my cellphone

Cellphones communication in a remote village in south eastern Kenya -5

I enjoy listening to my father’s stories about his school life. The other day, I wanted to know what subjects he studied at intermediate school. He said they studied history, geography, english, math and art and craft. For the art and craft final exam, they were required to make a wooden craft of their choice.

 “I made a wooden box (a suitcase). It was perfect. I passed the exam with flying colors!”

“So what happened to the box” I asked him…

 “I used it in high school and in college. And when I graduated as a teacher in college, I was posted to a school far away. I packed all my belongings  in the box and went to the school to start a new life. A year later mom was also posted to the school as a new graduate teacher. It is there where we met, wedded a year later”

“Okay, lets stay focused on the wooden box for now, we’ll talk about you and mom another time,” I said

“Where is it?” I asked.  “I don’t know, it must be somewhere in the house, haven’t you seen it all these years? I have had it for decades!”

 Indeed I recall seeing it in their bedroom many years ago, but I never paid attention. We looked for it everywhere in the house but didn’t find it. Then Kyalo remembered that one of my cousins had borrowed it to use in high school for four years. Later another cousin borrowed it for another four years.

“Did she return it after finishing school?” I asked.

“I don’t think so” said Kyalo.

 I then called my uncle to find out where the box was. He said he was going to call the wife to check at their house. He called me back few minutes later, they had the box.

“I want it” I demanded, “it was dad’s special school project. He has had it for decades. I want to inherit it, when can I have it?”.

He said he was planning to come visit dad in two weeks time. He will bring it then. I will have left the village. Dad promised to keep it safe for me. He will take a photo of the box, with his cellphone, and text it to me….


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