My village diary 11 – Motivational video project for students

I met with teachers and students of my former primary school yesterday to discuss the school development projects. In particular, we discussed a new students motivation project in which former students will be profiled via video, sharing the challenges and struggles they faced during their school lives  and success stories about their careers. The idea is to advise the students and motivate them to work hard for success in  their future careers.










Demonstrating the school motivational project via netbook

Simple and most affordable technology will be used to implement the project. The technical equipment required for the project include:

  •  A flip camera
  • A netbook
  • Solar panel and battery
  • A projector
  • A white piece of cloth or white-painted wall for screening the videos

The school already has a small solar battery. Former students will be requested help purchase a bigger panel and a battery estimated to cost 35,000 shillings (85 shillings=1 Canadian dollar).

I offered to donate the netbook and the flip camera (about 500 dollars). I will also request a friend or former student to donate the projector. Another friend has already volunteered to shoot the videos and to train one of the unemployed former students to manage the screenings. The school principal will compile the data/contact list of  former students and arrange for the interviews, via cellphone….

The school deputy principal points at solar panels on the roof used to operate a radio for the students to listen to school broadcasts.


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