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Earthquake in Kenya first reported on facebook

April 18, 2012

Last night as I was catching up with friends on Facebook, news about an earthquake in Kenya was posted on Proud to be Kenyan. It was merely three minutes after  it had occurred at 5 AM local time. I immediately started searching for more info online and SMSed my family, while following the stream of posts from as far as small villages, confirming that it had actually occurred and felt in various parts of the country. The mainstream media and other major websites reported about it much later. Thankfully no damage was reported from the 4.6 magnitute quake .

The news spread fast, on Facebook, a clear affirmation that social media is truly transcending borders and transforming communities.


Rapid developments of mobile phones technology in Kenya

April 5, 2012

I am awed by the rapid developments of mobile phones technology in my country Kenya!  Travellers can purchase airline tickets via MPESA – mobile-phone based money transfer service provided by Safaricom.

Fly540 offers MPESA payments for flights to its passengers of its 23 destinations.  “To purchase airline tickets via MPESA, call Fly540 and make a reservation to any of its 23 destinations. You will receive a reference number. Go to the M-Pesa Pay Bill option and put number Fly540 MPESA business number 540540. You will be asked for your reference number, upon which you will receive a confirmation and thereafter a ticket. Read more…

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