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June 17, 2011

Wireless internet connection via Safaricom, Kenya’s leading mobile network operator ( Internet connectivity in Kenya is quite reliable though a bit slow in the villages. 


My village diary – 8: “The priest’s car broke down, he called me to go rescue him”

June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

Cellphone communication in a remote village in south eastern Kenya – 8

1. Last sunday there was a special mass celebration at the parish. One of my neighbors, a priest, had come back to the village to attend the ceremony. His car wouldn’t start. other priests and the congregation were waiting for him in the church. He called my father to drive over to help restart his car battery. Now I know why the mass was 1 h0ur and 42 minutes late!

2. When my brother comes back to the village, from Nairobi, late on weekends, he calls bodaboda operator to pick him up at the market and drop him home (bodaboda is slang for local taxis-motorbikes)

3. last night my father called my brother-in-law in south Africa, just to say hello. It costs 3 shillings per minute. Its costs the same to call canada and USA.

4. The parish secretary called my father yesterday to inform him that the priest has called for a leaders meeting in two weeks. He wanted to meet up to plan for the meeting.

5. My friend susana, ( the village development coordinator) called me last night, to remind me that we have a community meeting tomorrow to discuss the village water project.

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